Saratoga's Best Magazine publisher Elizabeth Perella has an exciting opportunity for organizations as she brings her business development savvy and strategic marketing initiatives to this proven and cost-effective advertising gem. Elizabeth is well-known in our community for fund-raising, serving on many boards and committees. She and her family's strong ties and enthusiasm for our community are a great example of Saratoga at its BEST!


This area has long had a strong sense of community. It’s why even non-natives who ended up here later in life have never managed to escape and why those of us who grew up here never left. Saratoga’s Best magazine will continue to excite you about interesting businesses, inspiring places and all the exciting events that unfold within this community. The pages of our magazine are filled with familiar faces, places and the best "old standbys" and–just maybe–your next favorite shop, event, local dentist or contractor. We are about promoting local businesses!


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